The final version (…at least for now…) of my video “challenging current technical pathways”: SAFE

The password for viewing is the same password that you used to access this blog post.

During the in-class critique last Friday (10/7), it became clear to me that the length of both sections – the collection of narrated accounts in the first half and the fictional ad in the second – had to be shortened. Given the deadline for the project and the footage that I had available to work with, it made more sense to keep the focus of this hypothetical technology related to children and their “protection”, instead of immediately including applications for adults as well. The news story screenshot montage at the beginning is still too “visually basic” for my tastes…perhaps that will be reworked in further exploration of video effects and filters (ah, the hat of compromise that sometimes must be donned when one hits a deadline…)

Most of the footage used in the ad section was shot during the Supernova outdoor animation festival, Sept. 24 in Denver, CO. The music track used for the ad is by Lusine ICL – “Headwind” from the album Language Barrier.