Quarta screenshot

Screenshot of the Quarta game

Inspiration of the week discovered while conducting research for my final paper in the Digital Cultures course – the iOS game “Quarta” created by Peter Chilvers and Brett Gilbert.

Some intriguing aspects of this game: it’s easy to learn quickly, features a simple, intuitive interface with a clean visual design, and it’s quite addictive and replayable – you don’t get bored with it after a few matches. It also provides a soothing, ambient soundtrack that is generated based the number and spatial arrangement of the black and white pieces on the board (and possibly the color of the various areas as well, though I haven’t yet noticed a correlation there), making it an interested hybrid of a game and a musical instrument. Chilvers has a background in game development and generative music systems, having worked on projects such as the original Creatures release and the Will Wright game Spore, for which Chilvers collaborated with musician Brian Eno to create an ever-changing generative soundtrack. Chilvers and Eno have also created the generative music system iOS apps Bloom and Scape – more information about all of their app collaborations is available at www.generativemusic.com.  In my opinion, Quarta is a reminder of how engaging a simple and well-executed game concept can be.