I tried to find more video documentation of the VIA performance event in Pittsburgh from this past weekend (thanks to Chris Coleman, who performed in the lineup, for bringing this to my attention). The only clips I’ve uncovered thus far are posted on the event’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/VIA.HQ/videos?ref=page_internal. Most of them are, unfortunately, abysmal in their audio and visual quality, but at least they provide a sampling of what some of the live performances were like. From that small collection, I’m mostly attracted to the clips from Rabit, possibly since the visuals are more abstract and appeared to sync in their changes more directly with the music, as opposed to simply being a decorative backdrop for the music. Makes me think further about the fine balance between those elements – I’ve seen “multimedia” events where the projected visuals feel like they really augment the music (I think mostly of larger concert performances from bands like Porcupine Tree or Pink Floyd/Roger Waters), and other performances where it’s just not working…one element feels like it’s distracting from the other. I’m hoping to find more reflections written by either artists or attendees of VIA to get a better sense of people’s reactions.